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Saturday, March 1, 2008

`-add bomb weapontype
`-make enemies turn to the correct side on respawn
`-abobo break walls
`-add Willy, Chin and sChin sounds. fix Linda.
`-add endgame(s)
`-add intro sequence
`-make enemyes go 0 life when boss is killed
`-fall deeper on holes
`-enemies going down ladders without the correct frames
`-implement required game level and number of players for enemy spawn
`-spawn weapon only once for non-knife weapon types
`-throw can't hurt thrower (use ptarget)
`-hide weapon on elevator autopilot
`-fix enemy bike ride (bike=weapon)
`-fix ai strange behaviour with holes
`-add if ground condition on autopilot
`-fazer ai recuar quando player bate
`-fix enemy sprites: bertha schin kunio roper
`-compile Burnov sprite
`-add combined attack on air throw
`-add combined attack on hurricane kick
`-add air air throw (player and enemy fall together)
`-add player select on continue/join-in
`-whip/chain use frames 64-67. Make knife depend on 64 and whip on 65. Add frames 64 and 66 for non-whip users but knife throwers.

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Thad 8/12/09 19:22  

Is this project cancelled?

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