Monday, January 19, 2009

DarkPhear was released back in 2001 for DOS only. A full-fledged classic RPG, made by me with QBX (QBASIC 7.1). Sadly the DOS platform was already dying by then. But well, it does run pretty well on Windows. VDMSound may be necessary to get the sound working on Windows XP. Before you ask, never tried it on Vista, and probably never will. Some people have reported success running it with DOSBox, both on Linux and Windows, although I could never make it work right. The game includes mouse support, portuguese / english language select, four game speed levels, terrific pixel graphics, turn based battles, digital sound and amazing midi songs composed by my friend Jeremy Eller. Considered by many one of the greatest QB games ever. I'm sure Phantasy Star fans will love it.

Title : DarkPhear
Version : 1.01 (10-29-2003)
Platform : DOS. Linux and Windows users should get this version instead.
Requirements : A 386 or better processor, VGA or MCGA compatible video card, 540 KB of free conventional memory.
Recommended : Sound Blaster or compatible sound card, mouse.
License : Freeware / closed source.
Status : Complete.
Download size : 1.9 MB


DarkPhear is Copyright (C) 2009 Cleber de Mattos Casali. All rights reserved.

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