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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The DDF Engine is a kit to create beat'em up games. Games made for this kind of platform are usually called "mods".

To run it you will need the latest video drivers for your GPU, and a decent DirectX 9.0c fully compatible GPU.

If you're running on Windows, you must install the latest DirectX 9.0c. Make sure you have "d3dx9_36.dll" in your "windows\system32" folder.

If you're running on Linux, you will need wine 1.3.7 or higher, and the native "d3dx9_36.dll". You can get it with winetricks (winetricks d3dx9).

This program is free for non-commercial use. It may not be used in a commercial product without permission.

DDF Engine is Copyright (C) 2010 Cleber de Mattos Casali. All rights reserved. This software is provided as is without any express or implied warranty.

This is still an early version. The map editor is pre-alpha quality software (it sucks). Sample "mods" and documentation are not available yet.



Double Dragon Forever 0.9.1 lançado

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Infelizmente fui contactado por Ryosuke Jinno, diretor de marketing da Brizo Interactive, que detém atualmente os direitos sobre a franquia Double Dragon. Ele solicitou que o game parasse de ser distribuído e desenvolvido.
Então, como prometido na tela de splash, este é o fim de Double Dragon Forever.

Uma nova versão do DDF está disponível finalmente. Ela traz muitas novidades e correções de bugs.

Image Image


Título: Double Dragon Forever
Versão: 0.9.1 (18/08/2010)
Plataformas: Windows (Directx 9.0c) / Linux (Wine)
Licença : Freeware fangame
Status: Cancelado a pedido da Brizo Interactive
Tamanho do Download: 18 MB

Se você achar algum bug, por favor poste aqui.

Atenção: Se você estiver usando Windows 7 ou Vista, você precisa habilitar o modo de compatibilidade Windows 98/Me.


Double Dragon Forever 0.9.1 released

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Sadly, I got an e-mail from Ryosuke Jinno, marketing director of Brizo Interactive, wich now apparently has the rights over the Double Dragon franchise. He asked me to stop developing and distributing the game.
So, as promised in the splash screen, this is the end for Double Dragon Forever.

A new version of DDF is finally available. It has many new features and lots of bugfixes.

Image Image


Title: Double Dragon Forever
Version: 0.9.1 (08.18.2010)
Platforms: Windows (Directx 9.0c) / Linux (Wine)
License : Freeware fangame
Status: Discontinued by request from Brizo Interactive
Download size: 18 MB

If you find any bugs, please post a bug report here.

Attention: If you're using Windows 7 or Vista, you will need to enable Windows 98/Me compatibility to get it working.


Double Dragon Forever WIP

Sunday, August 8, 2010

I have been working hard on DDF in the last few days. Check some new features:

Now you can play with a CPU partner. Losely based on Tails from Sonic 2 & 3 heheheh.

Abobos can finally break through walls.

You can change characters on continue.

Now I'm adding a few traps...


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